January 20, 2011

Special Little Butterflies

Wow, I received messages [on collarme] from two more special little butterflies today who claimed they read my profile-- but couldn't be bothered to comprehend or respond to any specifics in my profile (can I make it any more clear that I don't like IM??).

Look people, this isn't just my ego talking, it's basic common sense: if you are presenting yourself as a subbie, one of the first things you can do is demonstrate how you make an effort to learn about my preferences. A "service oriented" sub should make that service orientation shine through his or her writing. For that matter, any intelligent person would want to show how they are a good conversationalist who can learn about the person with whom they're conversing.

Is it a lot of effort, especially if you're not getting a lot of positive responses? Yes, of course, it's more effort than a form letter. However, it actually improves your chances of getting a positive response, because it doesn't make you sound like a ditwiss and it means you're pre-screening on your end for people with whom you're compatible (you know, by reading their profile). Oh, and bonus: you're not wasting your time with as many fake people, since fake profiles are unlikely to have interesting nuances for you to use as a conversation starter!

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