January 20, 2011

The footrest story

This story was originally published on my collarme journal on 12/4/2005

Lately, I've been thinking about having a boy as a piece of furniture, or at least a temporary tortured footrest:

He strips down in front of me, keeping his eyes averted -- sometimes I like a naughty sub, but this time, I want obeisance. He has on a collar already, and wrist cuffs and a cock ring, as previously instructed. He knows what's coming and he's nervous: as I run my hand down his chest, I can feel his heart racing. I inspect his collar, cuffs and ring to make sure they are just right, and this makes him start to get hard... so I tug his balls forward and wrap latex tape around them -- around and around, and up over his cock. This makes him go completely hard. He forgets himself and unclasps his hands from behind his back -- I'll have to punish him for that later. I would love to wrap latex tape around his neck, too, however this particular boy cannot tolerate the choking sensation.

His cockring has a convenient D-ring on it and I run some rope through it and up to his collar. I play with him a bit, leading him around the room. What a nice ass... he has shaved the crack as instructed and I make him spread to see how it is nice and clean. Good boy! He must hold that standing spread-cheek position while I walk to the other side of the room, casually put on a latex glove, and grab my leather paddle.

I had originally planned to paddle him tonight more for humiliation than actual pain, but now I tell him he needs a bit more paddling for unclasping his hands during inspection earlier. He must take this stoically as I warm him up. I tug at his balls as I hit him. He moans a little, though doesn't say "ouch" (a word that i consider a semi-safe word: won't totally break the mood, will only be used when really needed). I paddle sternly: whop, whop, whop.  His ass is getting quite pink and I keep hitting harder.

When his ass is red to my satisfaction, just at that burning stage, I put some lube on my finger, have him spread again, and begin probing him. I'm playing with him, too, as I spread plenty of lube inside, getting him ready for something bigger.
He starts moaning at the second finger, pushing back against me, and then the third -- and I abruptly pull my hand away. He stands there SO turned on and looking a little slutty with his legs wide and ass practically begging for more. I ask him: do you want more? Yes mistress, please, more! Can you take it? Whatever you want, mistress!

I have a clever toy just for him. He thinks it's a normal butt plug. It's a bit snug easing it inside him, he gasps, then turns red with the blush traveling up to his face from the feeling in his ass... I add a few more wraps of rope and latex tape in strategic places securing the buttplug and I'm ready to construct my footrest.

Down on you elbows and knees, boy! And just like that, his wrists and cockring are tied to his collar. He is immobile -- or rather, further significant movement will cause pain to his cock and balls. I flip the switch on his vibrating plug. He was maybe not expecting that. The sensations inside him cause him to writhe but his movement is restricted. I enjoy seeing him sqiurm, moan... it turns me on and I'd like to shove his face onto my pussy. However this is a footrest, so I grab my computer to read, prop my feet up on his back, and stick my hand down my underwear.


  1. How about tiger balm as an alternative to lube ;)

  2. Damn hot post... wish it was me You were propping Your feet up on...