DO NOT MESSAGE ME UNTIL YOU HAVE READ MY PROFILE IN ITS ENTIRETY. I've written it like a FAQs page because, indeed, it addresses frequently asked questions. Thus, you should not be asking me questions already addressed herein.

I'm an experienced lifestyle Domme with a thing for edge play (blood) and "forced" bi scenes.
  1. I'm in California and not interested in anything long-distance or online. If you're outside of the SF Bay Area, you're very likely wasting my time. Don't waste my time. Saying hi or starting a conversation is fine, but don't expect I'll want to sit around and entertain you.
  2. I do not like IM. Herein, requests for IM will indicate you lack either attention to detail or reading comprehension, both of which are turn-offs.
  3. I'm going to reject your "friend" offer if I do not know you.
  4. I have a near-fetish for washboard abs on men. If you don't have nice abs, I'm not going to be attracted. Required reading, especially if you don't get why I have a near-fetish for washboard abs:
  5. Curves (or not-curves) on women are cool as long as you're healthy; I've dated women who range from very petite to booming-curvy to ultra-athletic.
  6. I'm currently looking for a dating-type longer-term relationship, with or without a poly subtext. I can be monogamous but find jealousy and cheating to be unattractive, so stick to what works for you. DO NOT be married or have a girlfriend/boyfriend who is unaware of your extracurricular activities.
  7. I would prefer to date someone within about 7 years of my age. Age range in play partners can be fun --experience and inexperience both have a place in kink-- but for dating, I'd like us to be in the same general place in life.
  8. My New Year's Resolution, as suggested by a close friend, is: only date bi guys (when dating men at all). Please address whether you're bi or "heteroflexible" (e.g. into bi scenes under the right kinky-sexy circumstances).
  9. Please include a (recent!) picture of yourself when introducing yourself; I shouldn't have to ask for this.
  10. I am not a pro-Domme.
I enjoy control (e.g. determining your orgasms) and pushing limits (pain, shame) in a playful way. Not very high-protocol, not into perfectly orchestrated scenes. I have a thing for blood, though it's not mandatory. And if you want to be dressed up, you'll have to earn it: apparently my eyes sparkle when I'm being sadistic.

Indications that you have not read my profile will result in you being IGNORED. I am wasting time explaining this to people --time better spent on compatible potential subbies. If you feel that for whatever reason you are a special little butterfly who deserves my attention despite the fact that you don't fit what I'm looking for, you need to state your case upfront (e.g. your profile says you're from Texas but you're moving to San Francisco in two weeks). If you are just saying hi, being charming and clever will help immensely on receiving a reply.
User Name:
 Dominant Female
 Palo Alto area 
 105 lbs (now 115)
 (38 in 2016)

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  1. mmmmm, want to submit to you baby ...