Somewhere around the ten year mark, I realized my correspondence with strangers online was taking over my pen-and-ink journal as a collection of my musings on kink. These messages often have repeated themes, and thus this blog is meant to go beyond the mere masturbatory LiveJournal to something a bit more universal-- perhaps something even useful for the lifestyle (non-professional) kinksters amongst us. But let's face it: although it would be nice if any of this is useful to other people, it has origins in self-absorbed musings.

I'm moving most of these postings from my collarme journal for basically three reasons. First, the CM website has limited functionality and it drives my OCD editing up the wall (so sexy, right?). The second reason is my CM journal was getting very long, and I didn't want casual contacts and potential play partners alike to feel obliged to read all of that before they contacted me. Finally, I'm inviting a dialogue, as multiple comments on a post could bring us all into the Illumination of some basic Truth. Or I'll just be moderating garbage; it's an experiment.

I've copied my CM profile on here (see "profile" page, obviously) so you'll have some context, especially given all of my "read my profile" rants. So whether you're here from there (collarme) or from some other source: thank you for reading!