January 26, 2011

Weird and Cool-weird

Two weird things happened recently. One: someone wrote me, I got distracted after reading their message and wasn't able to write back that very instant, and then they blocked me (i.e. within the same day of opening the message). Huh.

Second, in the cool-weird category: I just found out a vanilla friend is kinky! I mean, we do papercrafts and go shopping together, and she has a conventional corporate job. We were talking about her past relationships and she "came out" to me about being a Domme (and even an ex-pro-Domme). It was so unexpected!


  1. he probably didnt block you miss, ive heard a lot of people talking about this lately. subs messaging people and then deleting their profiles its probably for the best anyway i would assume if they cant keep a profile going they are more than likely a flake

  2. Fantastic to here your 'cool/weird' story. As a single man with a deep submissive streak. Sometimes i wish that you could look into someone eyes and know about their sexuality and desires. This wouldn't be so much of an issue if i myself was completely focused on my sexuality, however, i believe the beauty of submission intensifies in a more meaningful and long term relationship that transcends the kink.

    As such, I dread meeting someone and falling for a girl only to find that they wouldn't enjoy teasing me in chastity. I'm certain lots of girls would play with it to please me, but that would defeat the point. My submission is supposed to be for your pleasure, not mine and any pleasure i derive is purely from pleasing my Mistress and my love.

    This makes life pretty difficult as people play their cards close to their chest in daily life and there are usually very few clues. Even worse is that the fantasy of submission results in the online communities being overwhelmed with sexuality and thus, the people behind the kink are sometimes lost.

    Anyway. Those were just some thoughts. Hope the headache gets better soon.