April 5, 2016

Fantasy for a dirty mind, healthy body

There you are, kneeling in front of us, naked and nervous. Next to me on the couch is another boy, or rather man would be more accurate. He's not a total stranger -- we'd gone out to drinks before -- but this time, in private, the energy feels different. I told you to get out three toys, all plugs with different features. I choose the largest one and tell you it goes inside of you now. As you stuff your ass with that rather sizable plug, it became obvious: you are an object, a toy to entertain us. He tells you that you need more training when you struggle to get the plug in. My smirk in response let's you know I agree: you'll have weeks of stretching ahead of you. I reach over and cup your balls, then take his hand to stroke your cock, just long enough to establish he can do what he wants with you. That gets your cock, already denied for over a week, dripping with anticipation.

I grab your hair to guide you to start eating my pussy... it's presumptuous that you think you can get me off with that, but you're good at it, and your dexterous tongue gets me worked up until I want cock. My friend is delightfully hard from your hand working him -- nice multitasking. With two cocks to choose from, I'm feeling hedonistic. I know you won't last long, but I also want to torture you. So, condoms on, I sink myself down on you for a minute or so, then him, then back again. As I get even more aroused, I start slapping you, biting, pulling, pinching... We put you on your back, ass still stuffed with the plug, and he pins your shoulders down with his legs. I feed you his cock covered in my juices. The angle seems just right and we manage to get it deep in your throat a few times in between the gagging: I'm proud of you.
I keep riding you while you're pinned down like that, using you as my toy, watching his cock fuck your mouth. I'm getting closer, my pussy gripping and responding, but you have to hold back. If you did cum, the punishment would be severe and painful-- something the sadistic side of me would enjoy, but you sure wouldn't. So you're a good sub and you don't cum...just close, closer, and then you have to beg, please stop, because you don't want to disappoint me. And I pull up, leaving you gasping at the cusp. He moves around behind me and fucks me hard, while you play with me from the front --yeah, that does it! He has good control when I tighten and orgasm on his cock and he doesn't cum yet, because he knows what I want him to do with that. As I relax back, he finishes on your face.
Now it's time to fuck your ass. The rule --always-- is that you're only allowed to cum with something in your ass, and after we pop that big plug out, it's obvious you can take quite a strap-on tonight. I've picked out one with a curve and a wicked head that works your prostate. My friend is going to help, though -- I mean, he's mellowed out, but he's still game. So I start to fuck you, and the feeling on your prostate is intense. Almost immediately, you're begging permission -- and then he squeezes your cock and balls, hard, and breaks your climb to orgasm. I keep going. The buildup in your balls is inexorable as the strap-on hits your prostate over and over... he stops you again, painfully... you're near tears trying to hold back, your face still sticky with his cum... please, please, please...
I disengage the strapon, leaving the toy deep in your ass, and pull you down onto a plastic sheet on the floor. It's healthy to pee after cumming, and anyway something needs to clean off your stained face. I tell you to start fucking yourself with the toy, and that you're only allowed to cum today while we're pissing on you. He goes first: a full bladder, seems to go on for ten minutes. Although you are oh so close, you want to taste mine. Then I release myself, on your face, in your mouth. I tell you that you can cum, but only if you can make it before I finish. Given how desperate you are at that point, the toy as a reminder of the fucking I gave you, you let go, finally, with the taste of my piss in your throat.
I make you eat your cum, of course.

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